The Pastoral Counseling Diploma Program is an intensive series of courses that allow an individual to earn a diploma and equip them for full-time ministry in just twenty-four weeks! Each Saturday, students will complete an entire course in only one day that is generally reserved for an entire semester. After six months, the individual will have completed twenty-four college level courses which equip for various ministry roles. The all-inclusive program cost is only $1,795.00 with an interest-free monthly payment plan. For students who wish to prepay their tuition in full, there is an additional $100.00 discount. All diploma programs feature the following:

  • Student Tuition & Fees
  • All Course Guides & Materials
  • Continuing Education Units
  • Commencement Program
  • Graduation cap, gown, and tassel
  • Diploma in custom leatherette holder
  • Official Transcripts with school seal
  • TVM Career Opportunities Available

  • The diploma program in Pastoral Counseling prepares students for a diverse variety of ministry opportunities. Just a few of the career opportunities involve serving as a certified pastoral counselor, family pastor, counseling pastor, or youth pastor. The following courses are required for successful completion of the program:


    BIBL 101

    Survey of the Old Testament I

    PSYC 101

    General Psychology

    BIBL 102

    Survey of the Old Testament II

    PSYC 102

    Developmental Psychology

    BIBL 105

    Survey of the New Testament I

    PSYC 105

    Social Psychology

    BIBL 110

    Survey of the New Testament II

    PSYC 110

    Theories & Techniques of Counseling

    BIBL 115

    Foundations of Biblical Hermeneutics

    PSYC 115

    Principles of Group Dynamics

    THEO 101

    Principles of Systematic Theology I

    PSYC 120

    Introduction to Multicultural Counseling

    THEO 102

    Principles of Systematic Theology II

    PACO 101

    Integration of Psychology & Theology

    THEO 105

    History of the Christian Church I

    PACO 102

    Individual Counseling Issues

    THEO 110

    History of the Christian Church II

    PACO 105

    Marriage & Family Counseling Issues

    MINI 101

    Foundations of Personal Evangelism

    PACO 110

    Foundations of Addiction Counseling

    MINI 121

    Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

    PACO 115

    Legal & Ethical Issues in Counseling

    MINI 110

    Principles of Christian Apologetics

    PACO 120

    Clinical Pastoral Counseling Considerations