To demonstrate the effectiveness of our intensive course model, the following is a collection of testimonials provided by some students who successfully completed our Pastoral Counseling Certificate Program when it began as a weekend seminar. It is still offered as a certified one day seminar but is also the introductory course in our Pastoral Counseling Diploma Program.

"As a pastor, I found the pastoral counseling course to be incredibly helpful for my ministry. It gives pastors the tools to identify and meet the particular needs of those we minister to, all the while connecting them to their greatest need: Jesus Christ."  

JD Thorne
Decatur, AL

"The training I received was quite intensive. However, the training manual as a resource is extremely helpful. I also appreciated the Q&A period that was offered after each session to help clarify many points. I actually found the course to be even more practical and informational than the one that I took during seminary!"  

Elbern Latorilla
Toronto, ON

"The class is intensive and well equipped to prepare any person in this field of work. Although I have a PhD in Christian Counseling, after taking the course, I realized I had learned new and important information beneficial to any serious counselor."  

Leonardo Guerrero
Fuquay-Varina, NC

"The pastoral counseling seminar was extremely valuable for me as a chaplain. I believe that the seminar is helpful for anyone who is inclined to hear people's stories and meet them where they are in their growth process. It also gave me insight into my own story. The information from the seminar is a great tool to have."  

Kim Darnell
Nashville, TN

"I work as the children's director for our church. This course was exactly what I was looking for to better serve our children and families. I see a multitude of hurts and issues, and this helps give me a bigger and better understanding of how I can serve more effectively."  

Melanie Norman
Knoxville, TN

"So much great information packed into a fun session! Wonderful reminder that God's word is powerful, we all need Jesus, and we live in a broken world. We all have problems. Perfect balance of biblical truth with the acknowledgement that mental illness exists."  

Jessica Herman
Bristol, VA

"I majored in Psychology and Sociology in college. I was trained as a social worker and attended many continuing education seminars. I later spent eighteen years working with students in the school system. This weekend I learned more information than all of the other training combined. I was given information in a way that I can utilize to help a broad range of clients and am so grateful for the opportunity."  

Jane Peterson
Decatur, AL

"The information given will definitely enhance my counseling skills. I received an abundance of knowledge that is relevant in helping me as a Pastor to deal with many pressing and essential issues. The instructor's ability to answer questions that pertain to current situations was superb."  

Matthew Thomas
Philadelphia, PA

"The course provided valuable information and was presented in a way it was easily understood. Feedback was encouraged and welcomed. This course helped the volunteers/staff who are meeting with people offering assistance with life questions to understand the need for setting boundaries as well as gave examples of how to best incorporate the material learned into their sessions. Excellent!"  

Donna Puckett
Birmingham, AL

"This was a great program for me as a lay counselor for my church. It reaffirmed information we have already received while giving me new insight on many aspects of pastoral counseling. Thank you for providing this training to our church!"  

Suzanne Christian
Des Moines, IA

"As a professional counselor, the information presented was in line with the same training I received in my graduate studies, plus so much more. This training gave a brief overview into the real life situations that occur as a helping professional while maintaining a biblical worldview in my practice."  

Cassandra Thomas
Escondido, CA

"Tennessee Valley Ministry Institute is a jam packed intensive weekend presenting numerous counseling techniques and will provide you with much needed information. Through this institute, I gained necessary skills that will help me counsel people of all ages and all backgrounds. Thank you for the opportunity to sit in this course!"  

Thomas McDonald
Trinidad, CO

"This program is a tremendous opportunity for pastors, church counselors, teachers, and anyone who comes into contact with individuals who may need additional time to work out their problems. It gives tremendous insight and tips to help evaluate and assist those in need. I highly recommend completing this training."  

David Chase
Miami, FL

"This program is definitely a necessary need for this country and the world that we are living in. I particularly enjoyed the two days of sessions that we had with Brother Lance last week in Florida. I have learned so many things that will help me with my ministry as a Haitian pastor. We have so much to give back to our community and a program of this importance is a gift of God to our hands, a power, a weapon, a medication to heal a broken world which is so troubled. Dr. Flood is a man of God. God favored him and put in his heart to bless us with necessary knowledge for us to go out there to bless many others. May God bless his ministry."  

James Clotaire
Hollywood, FL

"The two day counseling certification program was absolutely amazing! Dr. Flood was exceptional and the presentation was very detailed and life changing. I strongly encourage those in leadership roles to take advantage of this seminar."  

Gary Battles
Huntsville, AL

"I was educated and blessed by Dr. Flood and the course material. There was an incredible amount of useful information provided in a short period of time. I would definitely recommend this course on Pastoral Counseling for anyone who counsels or wishes to do so."  

Terry Taylor
Decatur, AL

"This was exactly the course I was looking for! After my mother committed suicide, I have been extremely interested in the field of Christian counseling."  

Laurin Craig
Lexington, AL

"This seminar provided the comprehensive and important information necessary that will be helpful to our various chaplains in performing their work within the business workplace."  

Garry Freeman
Walhalla, SC

"The Pastoral Counseling Certificate Program was an on-time resource in my life. It has helped me to recognize in depth the importance of reaching people right where they are, but having enough empathy to not leave them there. This learning resource will light a fire under you to utilize God's Word in more effective ways to help yourself and others build better relationships all for the glory of God."  

Tracy Roddy
Northglenn, CO

"I was certainly prepared to receive a lot of helpful information. However, it was much more beneficial than my expectations. I received so much helpful information I am anxious now to take the time and study my notes. Thank you, Lance for sharing the gifts God has blessed you with!"  

Denise Carlson
Greeley, CO

"I really enjoyed the class. Lance was very engaging and truly understood the material he was presenting. His knowledge was so awesome. He kept the whole class engaged and also made it really fun to learn!"  

Shanda Lewis
Aurora, CO

"By far one of the best ways to spend a Saturday! The course material was extremely relevant for those who serve in the ministry, as well as the instructor being both engaging and informative. We will definitely be taking more courses through Tennessee Valley Ministry Institute!"  

Tianna Watkins
Gadsden, AL