The Pastoral Counseling Diploma Program is an intensive series of courses that allow an individual to earn a diploma and equip them for full-time ministry in under one week! Available exclusively to graduates of our weekend certificate program, this on-campus program is offered four times each year and is completed in only five days! The all-inclusive program cost is only $995.00 with a free fundraising opportunity and interest-free monthly payment plan available. Furthermore, there is an additional 20% discount for students who elect to prepay their tuition in full, reducing their tuition to only $795.00! The Pastoral Counseling Diploma Program features each of the following:

  • Daily lectures and Q&A sessions with Dr. Flood
  • Daily breakout sessions and training exercises
  • All hotel accommodations, meals, and refreshments
  • Diploma program study guide/course notebook
  • NACCA board certification exam and CPC credential
  • 3.0 continuing education units (CEUs) upon graduation
  • Attractive diploma in a customized TVMI folder
  • Paid employment opportunity with TVPC upon graduation

  • The diploma program in Pastoral Counseling prepares students for a diverse variety of ministry opportunities. Just a few of the career opportunities involve serving as a certified pastoral counselor, family pastor, counseling pastor, or youth pastor. The Pastoral Counseling Certificate Program is a prerequisite with the following courses being taught in the diploma program:

    PACO 201   ·   Counseling Special Populations I
    PACO 205   ·   Foundations of Addiction Counseling I
    PACO 215   ·   Introduction to Christian Life Coaching I
    PACO 225   ·   Integration of Psychology & Theology
    PACO 202   ·   Counseling Special Populations II
    PACO 210   ·   Foundations of Addiction Counseling II
    PACO 220   ·   Introduction to Christian Life Coaching II
    PACO 230   ·   Clinical Pastoral Counseling Considerations