We have provided several testimonials from actual TVPC clients below:

We all hit bumps in the road along life's journey. During these times, we need someone to listen and help discern the negatives that bring us down, someone to encourage us and give us hope for a better day and to remind us that, with God’s help, we can make it. I have found that place at Tennessee Valley Pastoral Counseling. Through counseling, I have encountered a peaceful, private, caring place to find help, vent my pain and confusion, and receive the tools that will assist me with the changes I need to make. I’m extremely thankful for this ministry.

I have been struggling with depression over the past six years. As the President of a high-profile organization, this was not an issue that I could afford to be made known. While my counselor was able to help me cope with my depression with the use of several methods, I was perhaps most grateful that I was not treated differently because of my position within the community, nor was I ever concerned about my identity ever being revealed or my confidentiality ever leaving the safety of our counseling environment. If you are in need of effective help for an emotional issue that requires sensitive treatment, I can highly recommend the staff at TVPC.

I’ve only been meeting with my counselor for a short time, but have already been coached through very rough times I face on a daily basis. I am being seen for extreme depression from past abuse and the loss of many family members within a short period. I am unable to work so I lack income. Having this resource available has truly been a lifesaver. I am so thankful for my counselor's willingness to listen and for the help and insight I regularly need.

My wife and I were on the verge of a divorce after 28 years of marriage. As a matter of fact, she had already spoken with an attorney and stated her desire to move out within the end of the month. After so much time together, I don't think either of us really wanted our relationship to end, but we could see no other alternative with the constant fighting. After only two months of counseling, it's like we've fallen in love all over again! Today I couldn't imagine my life without her. God has truly restored our marriage through this ministry.